I'm a model, musician, lyricist and writer with a big heart for animals and the environment (and cool humans, too, of course). I am of Spanish heritage but was born and raised in Germany, where I still live. I would especially welcome the opportunity to also work with eco/animal friendly brands. Moreover, I love the arts and everything do with it, movies, music, books, paintings....all of the above! I look forward to exciting new shootings, creative collaborators and amazing work-:) . Peace!

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Hello ... hallo ... salut ... ciao ... hey ... hola ... witaj ... hoi ... merhaba ... ahoj ...... and Welcome to my page. ..

I was baptized by the name of Maik 37 years ago .. live in Hanover.
To go with the flow, I leave to others.
People who know me describe me as off the hook, totally crazy and always straightforward.....actually, so does every one else.
My general interests are photography, image processing a cold beer and grilled meat.

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