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About Michael Franks Photography

My goal is to eventually work for a magazine which showcases the beauty of women. I would also love to work for National Geographic and travel the world taking pictures of exotic animals as well as the natural beauty that surrounds us. I'm currently working on a combination book of written and photographic art on the subject of love and relationships. I am also working on two sci-fi novels and do graphics as well as animations. My art is about emotion, style, color, and impact.

I would say my main love is to capture the essence of whatever I shoot. I find porn type photography to be crude and without artistic merit. If I shoot implieds it has to reflect an artistic aspect like re-creating a famous photograph, adding the aspect of a great background, demonstrating a powerful emotion, or re-creating a scene from a movie.

I also enjoy collaboration with the model, together we can come up with killer ideas. I prefer to discuss ahead of time what the shoot will entail. I do not spring ideas on models at a shoot that involve implied nudity or nudity, we will already have discussed that ahead of the shoot.

If you are interested in shooting in a beautiful, classy and sexy style, then get in contact and we can setup a shoot. Feel free to contact any model in my credits list and ask after me.



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