Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Kevin and my goal here is to produce images that express beauty, grace and glamour. If this type of imagery interests you, please send a message here or at kevincampphoto [at] .

I encourage all models to bring an escort to any of my shoots. In my mind and experience, the model will always be more at ease and feel more comfortable knowing that someone is there looking out for them. In no way do I take any offense to a model requiring an escort. The only thing I ask is that the escort know what we have planned for the shoot. No needs the drama of a boyfriend or husband becoming upset if sexy images are planned and its comes as a surprise.

I also enjoy collaboration with the model, together we can come up with killer ideas. For any risque or explicit images, I prefer to discuss ahead of time what the shoot will entail. I do not spring ideas on models at a shoot that involve implied nudity or nudity, we will already have discussed that ahead of the shoot.

If you are interested in shooting in a beautiful, classy and sexy style, then get in contact and we can setup a shoot. Feel free to contact any model in my credits list and ask after me.

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